Old money

Coins and notes have been around since 700BC and barely evolved since. Cheque books, chip and pin and contactless have not replaced them, nor much improved how we pay.

New money

Digital currencies are here and on the rise. They will enable people to invest in many types of assets from art and oil to property and land.

All money

Old money will not disappear anytime soon but new money is growing fast. We are creating a space for you to take part in both.

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Enter the
Hit24 economy

Take part in the new economy with Hit24. Manage digital currencies and assets with the Hit24 app. Pay anywhere with the Hit24Card.

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Tap. Swipe. Spend.

  • Apply in a few clicks on our app
  • Top-up by bank transfer or debit card
  • Accepted at millions of merchants and ATMs worldwide
  • Instant settlement on assets with competitive pricing
  • Set limits on your spending to remain in control
  • Stay cool by freezing your card instantly if you misplace it
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Sleep-easy security.

  • Your passphrase is your key: backup and restore on any device
  • Withdraw all your assets instantly in an emergency
  • Your assets are safe in a triple-audited smart contract wallet
  • Secure-by-design mobile app

We're currently under development. Sign up now to stay updated on progress and claim your spot in line when we launch.

The Hit24.

We created our own digital asset, the , as a way to share our success with our supporters. It’s more than just another Hit24, it’s a community.

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